Jun 1

Theo is an ex-smoker being treated by Paddy the British analyst. As Paddy is being relaxed into his thoughts on a chair, Theo seems to have a problem as he is always relating smoking to sex. This means that when Paddy is always trying to address his smoking problem, Theo on the other hand is talking of how he would love to fuck and get down with horny guys. He gets deep into this thought that he actually executes it in person without his knowledge. He gets out his dick and starts stroking it.

Paddy takes advantage of the situation and starts directing Theo who is still hypnotized. He asks him to get hold of his dick and stroke it too. This is followed with an instruction to turn around . He rids himself of clothing and Paddy keep the instructions flowing. He is guided through wetting it up, licking it out and helping him fulfill his sexual fantasy. As Theo fingers himself, Paddy gets his clothes of and becomes the dream guy in Theo’s fantasy. Paddy dick is now hard as rock and he gets himself a sucked in addition to having his balls played with.

Paddy now has the opportunity and enters Theo from behind. Starting off slow, he pounds onto Theo giving him his fantasy just as he speaks of it. With Theo at his mercy, Paddy keeps going until he is ready to shoot. He finally fires his hot cum into Theo’s mouth and chin as Theo shoots on himself.

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