Feb 18

It was a quiet afternoon and Paddy O’Brian, a male model, was in the shower enjoying the warmth of the shower on his tired shoulders and letting the water flow down every supple well-formed inch of his chiseled physique. As the lather flowed down the drain, he realized his member had also warmed up a little and was starting to get sensitive to the warm drops from the water. He might have resisted if he had somewhere to be but without a thought his hand started to play with the tip, then sliding his hand down the shaft and feeling it all start to stiffen and his mood starting to go from tired to aroused.
Suddenly there is a knock at the door and with a curse under his breath, Paddy shut off the shower, grabbed a towel and went to see who interrupted him. No one. He took a quick jaunt down to the building lobby. All was quiet. Annoyed at being interrupted, he went back to his apartment to discover he had locked himself out. He hung his head in frustration to see he was clad only in a small towel, his body still wet from the shower and half an erection still pulsing beneath the towel.

“This is going to be awkward, he thought.

He went over to his next door neighbor, Dirk Manning’s door and knocked, hoping Dirk would not see his erection amongst the folds of his towel. Dirk, a tall lean athletic man, opens the door and is stunned into silence for a moment as he looks upon his fantasy come to life. Unknown to Paddy O’Brian, Dirk has had the hots for his straight handsome neighbor for nearly a year and this particular situation has been a fantasy of his, right down to the half-erection under the towel. Dirk definitely noticed that though Paddy didn’t realize it. Dirk recovers quickly after his furtive appraisal and asks O’Brian to come inside.

All business-like, he uses the phone to call the building manager to let him into his apartment and once that was done waits uncomfortable on Dirk’s couch trying to conceal his still horny dick hidden under the towel. That was definitely some session he had worked himself up into in the shower. He was a bit restless and distracted till he felt Dirk’s hand on his chest and slide down his chest. He tried to stop Dirk half-heartedly but Dirk held his hands back for a moment and the moment his fingers touched Paddy’s eight and a half inches of rapidly hardening meat, Paddy stopped resisting. As Dirk’s firm fingers wrapped around Paddy’s dick, his own eight inches started to throb and press-up under his own clothes.

The towel had come undone and Paddy sat on the sofa in his naked adonis-like body with a hard cut throbbing dick that was expertly being played with by Dirk. Between that and the kisses and touches and hands going near naughty places full of promise, poor straight O’Brian was practically begging for Dirk to go down on him. Dirk was happy to oblige. Dirk took all of his manhood into his mouth deep until it was engulfed completely. Dirk was satisfied to hear a loud deep moan in response from the “straight” man on his couch. He started to suck slowly at first, keeping a steady increase in rhythm as he removed his own clothes and revealed his own hard cock. Paddy’s grunt and moans were getting louder with each pull along the shaft. He was definitely getting near to cumming but Dirk pulled away without giving away any intention in his eyes. Leaving Paddy once more with a hard dick and no release. Still horny and frustrated.

Dirk bent over and presented his well-shaped butt for his “straight” man to learn to work with. He hungrily rubbed his wet sticky cock into the Dirk’s ass getting it nice and slick almost massaging the hole with his penis tip. Once it was ready to receive him without a second thought about whether he was straight or gay, then he thrust himself into Dirk with a deep rumbling grunt from his chest, once, then twice and kept going like an engine with endless fuel with sounds of pleasure coming from both men. Both of them hard, horny and wet.

Suddenly Paddy O’Brian stopped and aggressively flipped Dirk on his back and pulled him close to him and continued with driving into him hard and deep. Dirk moaned louder feeling the thick cock fill him up inside. When he saw Dirk’s manhood hard and slick swinging back and forth in the air, he held it down tight up against Dirk’s well-developed abs. With each movement the cock slid along his hand, making Dirk moan even more while he continued his bestial grunts. Until finally Dirk came in bursts all over this belly and chest followed a second later by Paddy still inside him. They held their position taking sharp breaths covered in beaded sweat and flushed red skin still horny for more. This afternoon was going to be a long night.

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