Sep 10

‘Str8 To Gay’ goes daddy watching in this first episode of a fantastic new hardcore series starring JD Phoenix and Paddy o´Brian.
Three friends from Vegas have moved to San Francisco to make some money. It has become the richest city I the whole of U.S. It has everything including all the multimedia services you can think of, plus loads of gay bars. Their problem is that they are running out of money and need to do something quickly. They make a bet: they have to see you can pick up a daddy to give them the most amount of money possible. They slap hands on it and the game is on.
Paddy O'Brian
JD Phoenix gets dressed up and goes to one of the famous steam rooms in San Francisco in the hope for some daddy dick, or at least his money. He walks around the steam room, flashes of naked men and daddies appear as he walks. He takes his top off to show everyone what he has got. The rooms fill up with the sound of men on top of men having full on sex wherever they can and in every space that they can. JD takes his pants off and sits on a bed listening to it all. A good looking young man eyes him up and tells him to come over. His name is Paddy o´Brian and he tells him that his daddy wants to watch them both have sex. The daddy is full of muscle and full of tattoos and looks at them both waiting for JD’s reply. JD asks what he will get out of it. Paddy tells him that his daddy is in real estate in the city, one of the best. JD suggests that he wants a condo and Paddy tells them that he will see, but only once he has sucked on his cock.
Both men start to kiss, JD making sure that the daddy can see what is going on. The daddy stands slightly lit and JD gets excited as he watches him start stroking his cock.
Paddy lies on the bed as JD gets between his legs and sucks eagerly on Paddy’s nine inch dick. Paddy spreads his legs and JD goes down and darts his tongue in and out of Paddy’s asshole, and then back up to suck on his cock and ball sack.
JD is the one in charge and he gets up and sits on Paddy’s face so that his asshole can be licked and fingered whilst he carries on sucking Paddys cock for a while. JD acts like a real slut and wiggles his ass all over Paddy’s face as he spits into Paddys ass and licks his already wet crack and smacks his ass.
Knowing that a muscular mature daddy is getting turned on watching these two young pups turns them on even more. JD stands up and gets Paddy to suck his on his dick and balls this time. He stands up and turns around, JD feels saliva dripping from his asshole as he spreads his cheeks wide open getting it ready for Paddy’s big cock. He howls out in to the steam room as Paddy pounds on his cock hard and fast from the very first moment.
These two young men are all over the bed fucking each other’s asses as they keep swapping around, their sounds of pleasure mixing with everyone else’s; they all sound like a pack of wolves. Paddy o´Brian is the first one to cum and sends it dribbling into JD Phoenix’s waiting mouth. JD cums down as he bends Paddy back over and his hot spunk sprays over Paddy’s fucked asshole. They look up and Paddy tells JD that daddy is very happy and walks over to him… (To be continued)
JD Phoenix has an athletic body a great face with high cheek bones. He is a versatile bottom with a seven inch cut dick and is really only happy when he is getting fucked by a big dick. He has short brown hair, Blue eyes, is five feet ten inches tall and weighs 150 pounds. He has been in seven flicks with and his last one with then was back in October with ‘Central Park Cruising Part 2’ with Andrew Fitch.
Paddy o´Brian is new to and this is his first hardcore flick with them. He has an athletic body and a few tattoos. He is versatile with a nine inch cut dick which he loves to ram into a tight ass. He has short brown hair, blue eyes, is five feet nine inches and weighs 150 pounds. Keep an eye out for this young man, he is good eye candy and tastes even better.

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