Jun 21

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Sep 10

‘Str8 To Gay’ goes daddy watching in this first episode of a fantastic new hardcore series starring JD Phoenix and Paddy o´Brian.
Three friends from Vegas have moved to San Francisco to make some money. It has become the richest city I the whole of U.S. It has everything including all the multimedia services you can think of, plus loads of gay bars. Their problem is that they are running out of money and need to do something quickly. They make a bet: they have to see you can pick up a daddy to give them the most amount of money possible. They slap hands on it and the game is on.
Paddy O'Brian
JD Phoenix gets dressed up and goes to one of the famous steam rooms in San Francisco in the hope for some daddy dick, or at least his money. He walks around the steam room, flashes of naked men and daddies appear as he walks. He takes his top off to show everyone what he has got. The rooms fill up with the sound of men on top of men having full on sex wherever they can and in every space that they can. JD takes his pants off and sits on a bed listening to it all. A good looking young man eyes him up and tells him to come over. His name is Paddy o´Brian and he tells him that his daddy wants to watch them both have sex. The daddy is full of muscle and full of tattoos and looks at them both waiting for JD’s reply. JD asks what he will get out of it. Paddy tells him that his daddy is in real estate in the city, one of the best. JD suggests that he wants a condo and Paddy tells them that he will see, but only once he has sucked on his cock.
Both men start to kiss, JD making sure that the daddy can see what is going on. The daddy stands slightly lit and JD gets excited as he watches him start stroking his cock.
Paddy lies on the bed as JD gets between his legs and sucks eagerly on Paddy’s nine inch dick. Paddy spreads his legs and JD goes down and darts his tongue in and out of Paddy’s asshole, and then back up to suck on his cock and ball sack.
JD is the one in charge and he gets up and sits on Paddy’s face so that his asshole can be licked and fingered whilst he carries on sucking Paddys cock for a while. JD acts like a real slut and wiggles his ass all over Paddy’s face as he spits into Paddys ass and licks his already wet crack and smacks his ass.
Knowing that a muscular mature daddy is getting turned on watching these two young pups turns them on even more. JD stands up and gets Paddy to suck his on his dick and balls this time. He stands up and turns around, JD feels saliva dripping from his asshole as he spreads his cheeks wide open getting it ready for Paddy’s big cock. He howls out in to the steam room as Paddy pounds on his cock hard and fast from the very first moment.
These two young men are all over the bed fucking each other’s asses as they keep swapping around, their sounds of pleasure mixing with everyone else’s; they all sound like a pack of wolves. Paddy o´Brian is the first one to cum and sends it dribbling into JD Phoenix’s waiting mouth. JD cums down as he bends Paddy back over and his hot spunk sprays over Paddy’s fucked asshole. They look up and Paddy tells JD that daddy is very happy and walks over to him… (To be continued)
JD Phoenix has an athletic body a great face with high cheek bones. He is a versatile bottom with a seven inch cut dick and is really only happy when he is getting fucked by a big dick. He has short brown hair, Blue eyes, is five feet ten inches tall and weighs 150 pounds. He has been in seven flicks with gaypornstarstube.xxx and his last one with then was back in October with ‘Central Park Cruising Part 2’ with Andrew Fitch.
Paddy o´Brian is new to gaypornstarstube.xxx and this is his first hardcore flick with them. He has an athletic body and a few tattoos. He is versatile with a nine inch cut dick which he loves to ram into a tight ass. He has short brown hair, blue eyes, is five feet nine inches and weighs 150 pounds. Keep an eye out for this young man, he is good eye candy and tastes even better.

Feb 18

It was a quiet afternoon and Paddy O’Brian, a male model, was in the shower enjoying the warmth of the shower on his tired shoulders and letting the water flow down every supple well-formed inch of his chiseled physique. As the lather flowed down the drain, he realized his member had also warmed up a little and was starting to get sensitive to the warm drops from the water. He might have resisted if he had somewhere to be but without a thought his hand started to play with the tip, then sliding his hand down the shaft and feeling it all start to stiffen and his mood starting to go from tired to aroused.
Suddenly there is a knock at the door and with a curse under his breath, Paddy shut off the shower, grabbed a towel and went to see who interrupted him. No one. He took a quick jaunt down to the building lobby. All was quiet. Annoyed at being interrupted, he went back to his apartment to discover he had locked himself out. He hung his head in frustration to see he was clad only in a small towel, his body still wet from the shower and half an erection still pulsing beneath the towel.

“This is going to be awkward, he thought.

He went over to his next door neighbor, Dirk Manning’s door and knocked, hoping Dirk would not see his erection amongst the folds of his towel. Dirk, a tall lean athletic man, opens the door and is stunned into silence for a moment as he looks upon his fantasy come to life. Unknown to Paddy O’Brian, Dirk has had the hots for his straight handsome neighbor for nearly a year and this particular situation has been a fantasy of his, right down to the half-erection under the towel. Dirk definitely noticed that though Paddy didn’t realize it. Dirk recovers quickly after his furtive appraisal and asks O’Brian to come inside.

All business-like, he uses the phone to call the building manager to let him into his apartment and once that was done waits uncomfortable on Dirk’s couch trying to conceal his still horny dick hidden under the towel. That was definitely some session he had worked himself up into in the shower. He was a bit restless and distracted till he felt Dirk’s hand on his chest and slide down his chest. He tried to stop Dirk half-heartedly but Dirk held his hands back for a moment and the moment his fingers touched Paddy’s eight and a half inches of rapidly hardening meat, Paddy stopped resisting. As Dirk’s firm fingers wrapped around Paddy’s dick, his own eight inches started to throb and press-up under his own clothes.

The towel had come undone and Paddy sat on the sofa in his naked adonis-like body with a hard cut throbbing dick that was expertly being played with by Dirk. Between that and the kisses and touches and hands going near naughty places full of promise, poor straight O’Brian was practically begging for Dirk to go down on him. Dirk was happy to oblige. Dirk took all of his manhood into his mouth deep until it was engulfed completely. Dirk was satisfied to hear a loud deep moan in response from the “straight” man on his couch. He started to suck slowly at first, keeping a steady increase in rhythm as he removed his own clothes and revealed his own hard cock. Paddy’s grunt and moans were getting louder with each pull along the shaft. He was definitely getting near to cumming but Dirk pulled away without giving away any intention in his eyes. Leaving Paddy once more with a hard dick and no release. Still horny and frustrated.

Dirk bent over and presented his well-shaped butt for his “straight” man to learn to work with. He hungrily rubbed his wet sticky cock into the Dirk’s ass getting it nice and slick almost massaging the hole with his penis tip. Once it was ready to receive him without a second thought about whether he was straight or gay, then he thrust himself into Dirk with a deep rumbling grunt from his chest, once, then twice and kept going like an engine with endless fuel with sounds of pleasure coming from both men. Both of them hard, horny and wet.

Suddenly Paddy O’Brian stopped and aggressively flipped Dirk on his back and pulled him close to him and continued with driving into him hard and deep. Dirk moaned louder feeling the thick cock fill him up inside. When he saw Dirk’s manhood hard and slick swinging back and forth in the air, he held it down tight up against Dirk’s well-developed abs. With each movement the cock slid along his hand, making Dirk moan even more while he continued his bestial grunts. Until finally Dirk came in bursts all over this belly and chest followed a second later by Paddy still inside him. They held their position taking sharp breaths covered in beaded sweat and flushed red skin still horny for more. This afternoon was going to be a long night.

Jun 1

Theo is an ex-smoker being treated by Paddy the British analyst. As Paddy is being relaxed into his thoughts on a chair, Theo seems to have a problem as he is always relating smoking to sex. This means that when Paddy is always trying to address his smoking problem, Theo on the other hand is talking of how he would love to fuck and get down with horny guys. He gets deep into this thought that he actually executes it in person without his knowledge. He gets out his dick and starts stroking it.

Paddy takes advantage of the situation and starts directing Theo who is still hypnotized. He asks him to get hold of his dick and stroke it too. This is followed with an instruction to turn around . He rids himself of clothing and Paddy keep the instructions flowing. He is guided through wetting it up, licking it out and helping him fulfill his sexual fantasy. As Theo fingers himself, Paddy gets his clothes of and becomes the dream guy in Theo’s fantasy. Paddy dick is now hard as rock and he gets himself a sucked in addition to having his balls played with.

Paddy now has the opportunity and enters Theo from behind. Starting off slow, he pounds onto Theo giving him his fantasy just as he speaks of it. With Theo at his mercy, Paddy keeps going until he is ready to shoot. He finally fires his hot cum into Theo’s mouth and chin as Theo shoots on himself.

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May 21

You might have seen some of those Blind Date shows, and some of those sites where strangers meet for the first time and the camera follows them around until they get home. Then, in adult sites, you get to see the two guys first sex as well. Here, in Porn Date (part 1), we’ve got a similar kind of set up. Adam Wirthmore is a cute-handsome guy with a stubbly chin and deep brown eyes and at the start of this scene he is in the interview chair talking to camera. This is brilliantly cut in with shots of him meeting veteran Drill My Hole star Paddy O’Brian, the hunky Londoner who is taking the porn world by storm. Thing is, the scene sets up the blind date perfectly, even down to hearing Adam admit how nervous he is, and yet how much he is looking forward to fucking Paddy.

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I wasn’t sure at first, I mean as to who would end up on top in this scenes as, although Paddy describes himself as a top, I’ve seen him bottom in at least one other scene. Either way though I don’t really care as both guys are as hot as each other. I just couldn’t wait for them to get their kit off.

Actually, they get each other’s kit off in a slow and sensual build up to the naked action. It’s like they forget that the cameras are there as they strip down, fondle each other’s massive cocks that are hard and throbbing inside their shorts. And then Adam slowly undresses the object of his desire, sucks his cock and worships it. What’s he thinking, I wonder, as he gets his first taste of porn star meat? How does he feel when Paddy then takes down his shorts and starts working on Adam’s ass? How nervous is he as he gets Paddy’s experienced tongue in his hole for the first time?

Judging by the sounds he’s making he is loving it as Paddy lubes him up and then slips his long cut cock into Adam’s hole. Now we know who the bottom boy is gunna be and our new boy loves being it. The fuck section of this movie lasts an incredible length of time, with Adam bent forwards, Adam on his back and Paddy coming in from right above and Adam sitting on Paddy’s shaft while the porn star fucks him fast and furious from underneath. And all the time they’re whispering to each other and the sound is natural. Adam’s dreams come true as he shoot with his porn star’s cock deep inside his ass, and then gets to lap up Paddy’s juice as he cums in his mouth.

If this is part one, I can’t wait to see who is lined up for part two and beyond.

May 6

Gabriel who is a Canadian porn star makes his journey to the UK to make his first video with MEN.COM. He becomes the second porn star to bang on Paddy’s tight ass. No doubt that he will also have his ass banged just as good. In this scene a dildo is involved just to get that passion out.

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Apr 20

In an effort to settle issues for good, Paddy and Landon end up in Paddy’s sleeping quarters. Paddy is horny and without wasting time tops Landon’s butt real hard. Landon responds and develops a boner. Despite Landon being a straight guy, there are no rules that he cannot get a blow job or licks from a gay guy. Soon, Landon starts riding his dick on his mate. Paddy takes his turn as he grabs his butt and secures the position with placing his right foot on the corner of the workdesk which helps him rock his hips even faster. He harder he pumped into Landon’s ass the more he wanted. With a tingly sensation on his balls, he knew he was about to cum. He forced deep into the end and shoots loads of warm sticky cum.

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Apr 5

Paddy O’Brian has been known in the porn industry for drilling ass for about four years now. In this time, he has not been fucked himself. Topher addresses this and gets the chance to fuck Paddy’s bubble butt. He gets a hammering to remember.

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Mar 23

Paddy is a psychoanalyst who also gets his fire up by frightening facts and figures from his customer Theo Reid. It starts with building up passion, then use of oral positions follows which leads to finger fucking and finally Paddy uses his hard cock to work on Theo’s hole.

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Mar 10

With the thought that one may die without some good hard fucking, Paddy is allocated 24 hours to find himself a dude and cum. In the nick of time, he finds Riley Coxx.

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Mar 1

Due to the usual habit of being late, Jonny Kingdom is called into the office to get fired. With this, he figures he has nothing to loose and offers the boss a blow job. With his perfection in blow jobs, the boss is impressed and decides to keep this pleasure. He in turn gets a promotion. His work mates on the other hand will not let him go easy. Paddy and Theo hammer his tight hole in turn and eventually both end up tapping from this ass at the same time.

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Feb 24

Featuring a new mobster styled adult porn parody and fucking energy bottom Riley Tess, are a starring couple, Paddy O’Brian and Paul Walker. After winning a game of black-jack cards, this couple also gets to feast on Riley’s butt.
Riley sensed something else towards my ass along with a jagged pain once he forced his big cock deep inside of Paddy ass hole. He pressed it then delayed for a second of 2 just before driving it in deeper. It was not very long though before he was completely in me and that I could sense his pubic hair scrubbing up against the back of my legs.

Feb 24

Fallen, is a scene that starts off with mood setting (a wonderful erotic and tender scene). This is accompanied with ambient music, soft lighting and state of the art camerawork. As the British hunk Paddy works on his laptop in bed under a candle lit room, his partner Gabriel Clark, a perfectly muscled man decided to lie with him. Gabriel begins to stroke Paddy’s legs in his nice sexy cut jockstrap that shoes off his round ass cheeks. Not being able to concentrate with a willing ass right next to him, well, there is no other thought in mind.

Paddy gets to exploring the ass in full. His own butt is showing through his white briefs. Gabriel is lubed and Paddy gets a dildo to work on his hole. With this, clothes are removed and the naked sight gets the two into some lovely cock sucking and licking. They make love as they stroke their hark cocks and make out. In turn, they pound on each others hard eager dicks.

The top is usually Paddy but at this point, he feels Gabriel’s hard cock inside him. They are still going slow as they accumulate excitement and pleasure. Paddy gets to f*** his man deeper and harder. They keep taking turns in getting a bit of each others fine ass and eventually they reach their climax which empties their balls and leaves their cocks fully satisfied.

Feb 24

Mark Coxx a gay porn star during a porn episode film is kidding around with Paddy O’Brian. This came to an end with some raw ass fucking. It did not matter that they were in the forest as Paddy fucks Mark. As Mark’s dick is directed by its head, it finds its way to Paddy’s butt. Stroking it full length on Paddy’s butt crack sets mood for the right atmosphere and finds it ready and smooth. On a downward trend, he finds his way down to the tight ass. As he pushes down his tight butt followed by moans of pleasure begging for more. With satisfaction, he cums inside his partners tight butt. Paddy felt the hot sperm inside him. Ass was filled with hot sticky jizz and cock.

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